Luckies Adventure Journal
Luckies Adventure Journal

Luckies Adventure Journal

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  • 300 UNIQUE EXPERIENCES – Using our travel adventurer’s guide, you’ll be able to read about and experience up to 300 unique and fascinating experiences around the world during your travels.
  • DISCOVER A WHOLE NEW WORLD – With this scratch out adventure journal, you’ll learn more than you thought you knew about the world as you read through each experience in this 64-page booklet.
  • SCRATCH OUT YOUR JOURNEY – Containing scratch off maps of the 7 continents, you’ll be able to scratch off the location of each fun experience in our travel guide as you personally complete them.
  • A UNIQUE TRAVEL GIFT – Our Adventure Journal makes the perfect gift for anyone with a sense of adventure. They’ll have a blast writing about their travels and marking where they’ve been.

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